My mother died today
Tears shed but
don’t grieve for me
Not herself
I hear you say
Not the girl, mother, wife
My mother died today
Air gasping
slower till still
A natural way
my mother died
What can one say
Nothing like I remember her
Not there but gone days ago
she missed the final act
to our relief
Thank God
We all die away some day
Briefly assembled
atoms, days, years, lives,
moments shared
to witness this wondrous world
To have been
Shout out
But my mother died today
of illness for which there is no cure
Yet she cried out for more
We all die away
some day
But what joy this life
look around who will deny
to have been
to have seen
No wonder departure
brings on tears
We all die away
Dissolved back
whence we came
nothing less
or more
We die away someday
I stand here still
Because my mother
Had to die
We all die
But not today
Live life I say.


Sylvia Mary Richards nee Hoffmann

In memory 12 noon 9th September 2011