Apologies – this event has been CANCELLED.

Arnos Vale Cemetery, West Lodge, Bath Rd, Bristol BS4 3EW


“When I am laid, am laid in earth,

May my wrongs create

No trouble, no trouble in thy breast;

Remember me, remember me, but ah! forget my fate.

Remember me, but ah! forget my fate…”


“Every step I take

Every move I make

Every single day

Every time I pray

I’ll be missing you…”


From Purcell to P Diddy, memorials remain a strong thread in culture – written, spoken and sung. But what are the spaces in which we remember, miss and celebrate people today?

Young people (aged 14-18) are invited to explore the living language in Arnos Vale Cemetery’s epitaphs. We’ll unearth stories beneath unknown tombstones, fictionalising them through writing and creating.  We’ll work individually and in small groups, playfully exploring ways of remembering and being remembered.


Raj Rammohun Roy's tomb, Arnos Vale Cemetery

Raj Rammohun Roy’s tomb, Arnos Vale Cemetery

The workshop runs from 11 am to 4 pm, and will coincide with the annual day of remembrance for Raja Rammohun Roy who is buried at Arnos Vale.



Participants will need to bring their own lunch, or buy lunch from the Arnos Vale Café.


Please note: this workshop is not a replacement for or alternative to bereavement counselling or therapies: this is intended as a creative space to explore ideas and experiences. The workshop will be structured sensitively and signposting to relevant services will be offered in case it stirs up difficult feelings.


The workshop is offered for a sliding scale donation of between £10 and £20.  You will be asked to enter the amount when you book your ticket.

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About Caleb


Caleb2Caleb Parkin is a poet, performer and educator, based in South-West England, experienced in working with young people in a therapeutic learning environment.

His work has been published in various online and print journals. He has taught for Kids Company Bristol and is currently working in programme production for BBC Radio 4, while completing a PGCert in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.