When death comes is a place to share our creative responses to bereavement and loss.

We don’t have enough spaces to talk about death and the profound effects it has on our lives.  And we don’t have many spaces to respond creatively to these stories – producing work that can help us in our own lives as well as inspire and connect with others.

Our first project was an exhibition and series of events in Bristol in September and October 2015.  See the work that people contributed to the exhibition, and learn about the events we held. Download a flyer for the series (PDF, 0.7MB)

When death comes continues to grow and evolve: We hope you will browse and use the collection, and contribute your own work and words.

Past exhibitions

From Wednesday 16 September – Sunday 11 October 2015 we hosted an exhibition and creative art space in The Island Gallery, Bridewell Street, Bristol.

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